Monday, September 20, 2010

Bloody Mary Tour : Philadelphia

I'll always remember my first bloody mary. Little baby glass, filled with ice and just enough room for a clumpy knot of horseradish and tabasco in the bottom. A truly revolting experience, and a testimony to the hell that is a cheap BM.

Apparently these things have origins in Paris, and were brought to the US by their inventor (Fernad Periot)... right to the St. Regis Hotel in New York. Here he spiced it up and wallawalla bing bang we got the drink we see in bars and brunch spots across the world today. But thats a bunch of boring crap, so lets get drinking them.

Ned's Nephew Presents: The Bloody Mary Tour of Philadelphia.

In order to pull this off correctly I decided to break philly into several main neighborhoods and on a tour night cover a whole little section... and then feed the DETAILS to the interwebs in chunks, cut up for you like mother used to.

First three targets (hood's yo) Fairmount, South Street, Olde City.

I mean, I COULD just sit here and rant on about each spot, but lets make it a bit more digestable. For example, 9 resturants/bars were reviewed for Fairmount, so we'll break it down to three posts, three posts that will drop as we go back and re-review, aka, drink them all again *chest bump*... then each update will be highlighting and talking about the chosen joints.

Now, lets get hammered.

~ Mike

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