Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When you're livin in a psychic city...

This is a time-lapse I took in my apartment on the first Friday of February.  The original plan was to have several cameras setup and shooting the whole night but in the end, I only ended up getting to use one (mine).  All of the shots were taken between 12:30am - 6:30am (so I guess that's technically Saturday) at 2 shots per minute.  I edited all of the shots together and added the track Psychic City by Yacht (seemed fitting) in Final Cut Pro.

That night we ended up getting 28 inches of snow!  After the party, several of the kids ended up spending the next two nights at my place, sheltered from the snow and comforted by Planet Earth in glorious Blu-Ray HD.

Truly a great weekend.  Looking forward to more experimentation with time-lapse...

{ technical difficulties, video coming soon }

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Came close to getting mugged (thank god my shoes have lightning bolt emblems on their sides).  Here are two pics I took this time 2 years ago in PDX,  One from my balcony, and the other of the local flora.  Going to sleep now.  Hash+planet earth=happy place.